Summer session Short session 13/07 au 20/07/2019 and long session until 26/07/2019

In few words

Château de Moulerens in Gradignan, near Bordeaux
The summer session of « Rencontres Musicales Internationales des Graves » is geared for musicians of all professional horizons.
Through its Master Class sessions and concerts, « Rencontres Musicales Internationales des Graves » has become a prestigious pedagogical institution where students and distinguished artists exchange ideas in the beautiful settings of the Graves region. In addition to individual lessons, students have the opportunity to participate in various ensembles and workshops.

LONG SESSION for 13 days
(6 individual lessons)

SHORT SESSION for 8 days
(4 individual lessons)

Theses courses are best suited for:
- students of conservatories and musical institution
young professional musicians

- amateur musicians

Junior Special Program :
a program adapted to the pupils of 1st and 2nd cycles of academies and music schools (from 10 to 15 years old).
Possibility of music groups adapted to the Junior Section.

Auditions: based on faculty recommendations, student will have the opportunity to participate in auditions and public concerts.

A certificate of participation will be presented to each student at the end of the course.

All lessons and workshops are open to the public.

Minors are supervised by qualified professionals.



1Individual lessons [hidden]

Disciplines :

2Group lessons and workshops [hidden]

Chamber Music :

teachers : Esther Brayer, Catharine Lees, Vincent Balse, Timothy Deighton

Orchestra Performance Workshop :

This workshop is for advanced students on their way to a professional life in the orchestra.
Objective of the academy is prepare young musicians in recruitment competitions of the orchestra.
The workshop can be considered as a main discipline.

teachers : Timothy Lees, Aurélienne Brauner, Esther Brayer

Workshop "Introduction to the Art of the Mime" :

with Valérie Aimard, cellist and mime artist

Discover freedom of expression through breath, imagination and movement; become for an instant a tree, a bird, or the sun, translating though our body language emotions of joy, sadness or anger is what this workshop is about.

Open to all, no experience necessary

teacher : Valérie Aimard

"Body & Breath Control in String Performance" Workshop :

This workshop will emphasize the critical importance of body control and breathing in your string performance. It is my intention to have you experience through a hands-on demonstration the value of these concepts. Here we will cover the following:

˙ Groundedness/Stability
˙ Relaxed Alertness and Readiness
˙ The Practice of Breath Control
This workshop will be divided into two parts: 1) A general presentation, 2) A personal consultation that will include a more detailed explanation and requires individual scheduling.

teacher : Tracy Ho

Pianists - accompagnists :

Kazuko Hiyama, Vincent Balse, Emmanuelle Le Cann